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It’s time to re-define your norms.

Ah yes, the early/mid-afternoon crash. It’s normal, right?

Or, how about daily indigestion and bloating? Is that the kind of “norm” you’re used to?

Heck, what about those random aches that just don’t seem to go away. Probably just part of getting older, right?

WRONG. And it’s time to stop accepting “your” norm as “the” norm.

Signals like the examples above are simply your body trying to get your attention. It’s trying to tell you, “something is not right, please fix me.” (I actually added the please in there…our bodies aren’t always this polite…unless you’re Canadian maybe.)

There is no magic pill to fix your norm. It’s about making good choices. And giving your body what it needs, when it needs it.

What the heck does that mean? Well, that’s a whole other lesson. But it’s an easy one. One that is truly sustainable. One that works (extremely well). And one I teach in the Fab 14 Nutrition Boot Camp.

So, I challenge you to stop accepting your norm. Evaluate it. If you’re not happy with it, take the proper steps to fix it. Your body can do wonderful things, if you just give it a proper chance.

The next Fab 14 Nutrition Work Shop starts Monday, March 12th. 14 days of eating with a purpose. Join us!


Jaime Rothermich