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There’s a lot of recent buzz around Vitamin D deficiency and whether or not it impacts COVID-19 mortality rates. (See link at bottom of page for one source’s reporting.)

Whether it actually does or doesn’t remains to be seen. I’ll let the medical scientists figure that one out.

But I’m hopeful. And connection or no connection, this recent buzz is a good reminder of the importance of Vitamin D.

So, I thought I would provide a list of my personal top 3, go-to listing of Vitamin D sources.

Sure, there are plenty of supplemental ways to get your daily does of Vitamin D. But personally, I strive to get it naturally through the foods I eat. Check out my favorites below:


You won’t find me skipping the yolks. They’re my favorite source of Vitamin D. I eat them almost daily for the protein content, good fats, as well as the Vit D.


For those that don’t like fish, this is a good supplemental alternative. My go-to brand is Carlson’s. Cod liver oil not only delivers Vit D, but also provides Vit A and omega-3 fatty acids.


Wild salmon contains about 988 IU of vitamin D per serving, while farmed salmon contains 250 IU, on average. That’s 124% and 32% of the DV, respectively. You now know the obvious choice.


Even though it’s not a food, I can’t neglect to mention sunlight. To be honest, it’s even better than food (you won’t hear me say that much). I shoot for at least 15 minutes of daily sunlight, especially on my hands and face. There are limits, however. And as a pale guy, I know the limits well. Getting enough sunlight is my priority, but I cautiously limit my exposure.
Jaime Rothermich

Vitamin D levels may impact COVID-19 mortality rates, study claims: