I hear ya. You don’t want to have to nibble on lettuce for 14 days. This Boot Camp isn’t necessarily about eating less. And it’s not one of those fad diets aimed at cutting out carbs, or fat, or whatever. It’s about giving your body what it needs, when it needs it. I’ve personally selected foods that I feel will affect your energy, mood and health, positively. And there will be plenty of choices, so you won’t be tied to any one food you can’t stand!

We could just call them ‘categories’, but buckets seemed so much simpler. The Fab 14 is all about five buckets:

Within the program guide will be compliant options. Your job? Fill every bucket with one option, every meal, every day of the Fab 14. Make the choices that fit you best. Where applicable, we’ll even break it down to brands to look for.

It’s all about a system, and we won’t leave anything to question. If uncertainty does arise, the dietitian ‘in your pocket’ will be there to help.

Yes. Aside from individual options within each bucket that participants can choose from, several comprehensive 5-bucket recipes will be provided. Most will be provided up front, prior to Day 1, and additional options will be provided as the FAB 14 progresses.

And just to give you a sampling, recipes range from ‘Burger & Fries Breakfast Bake’ and ‘Sweet Potato Chili’ to ‘Chicken Fajitas’ and ‘Skinny Bell Pepper Nacho Boats.’ Lots of tasty options!

The Fab 14 is a sustainable foundation that participants can (and do!) very much carry forward long term, well past 14 days.

But we also know that very few want to remain caged within a regimented nutrition protocol for the rest of their lives. While the FAB 14 and its buckets remain a nutritional compass, we encourage those who complete the program to try small adjustments and truly find what does and doesn’t work for their bodies.

As we get older and our lives change, nutrition is a constant evolution – but one that the FAB 14 gives you the tools to prepare for.

This is simple…NO SNACKS, JUST MEALS! When you follow the FAB 14 program your body is infused with a ton of nutrients each meal, thus providing more satisfaction from each meal. And, having 5-BUCKET meals, and subsequent nutrient intake, allow a longer time period between meals for better digestion.

That will be up to you. Each of us have different needs, goals, and levels of satisfaction when eating. So, this isn’t a straight forward answer. Past participant have typically varied from 2-4 meals per day, based upon listening to their bodies.

No, not necessarily. But with a little tweaking and guidance from the ‘dietitian in your pocket’, it can be.

Have your own question about the FAB 14? Ask us!