But don’t take it from me. See what real-life participants below had to say about the program just after completing it. There have been so many individuals across so many different types of situations that have used the program to prosper. Take a look below …

“I am no longer living to eat. I now eat to live. With the wonderful recipes I know that eating healthy does not have to be boring or bland. I felt full and satisfied. I lost 9.5 lbs and went down a pant size.”

“I discovered how my body can work with me instead of against me. Of all the fad “diets” to choose from, most are set up for failure because of deprivation. This isn’t a diet, but rather a lifestyle and an education for making lifelong decisions. Well worth the investment.”

Meg M., Jan. '19 Participant

“I never realized how much my poor eating habits were effecting my overall health. After just a few days in the Fab 14 Nutrition Boot Camp program, my joints were not stiff when I woke up in the morning, my sleep was full and heavenly, and I didn’t have crashes or craving from over carbing.”

Jamie o., Jan. '19 Participant

“When I stared the fab 14 I was really nervous, could I stick to the plan. Not only was it doable, with a little bit a prep work, I would say it was pretty easy. I also did not experience my mid day slump that had me turning to caffeinated drinks. And as an added bonus, I lost 5lbs!”

Anne W. , June '18 Participant

“There are some gimmicks out there that have us confused about what is actually good for us. That’s why this program is so effective for overall health because teaches you about the science of food and remind the body that it will perform optimally when it is given optimal combos of nutrients!”

Beth B., Nov. '18 Participant

“This was by far the best thing that I’ve done for myself – and ultimately my family – in many years. It has been a great way to reset my system and to get focused on eating what’s right for my body to obtain optimal energy.”

Dot S. , Nov. '17 Participant

“I loved my Fab 14 experience with Jaime! Great education of food and how, when eaten correctly in combination, helps heal the body. I felt more energized and empowered within the first few day. I would highly recommend the Fab 14 to anyone who wants to invest in their own well being.”

Brenda G., May '18 Participant

“This was the best thing I’ve done in a long time! Healthy food that is delicious. Feel better, less inflammation and bonus weight loss!”

Julia R. , May '18 Participant

“As a colon cancer survivor, I have steadily tried to improve my diet. I also wanted to improve my digestion and quality of sleep. The Fab 14 way of eating did all those things. Is it challenging? Yes. But with a little planning you can become more efficient in meal prep.”

Nancy B. , May '18 Participant

“Before FAB 14, I was at the end of my rope due to all my health issues. Fibromyalgia, Bursitis, Widespread Arthritis, Non-alcoholic fatty liver, IBS-D, Triglycerides & Cholesterol out of control, Cystitis, High blood pressure, Pre-diabetes, Insomnia, Toxic black mold exposure, Tinnitus, Vertigo, Obesity, Cancer & Stroke survivor, Anxiety, Depression, and overwhelming fatigue. Every day was a struggle to survive. I didn’t know what to expect from Fab 14. I had tried other things to lose weight and to try to feel better but all had failed. After a few days of following the plan, I realized I could clench my fists and could bend over and touch the floor. First time in a very long time. In two weeks my pain was more manageable, I had more energy, my digestion was much improved, have less inflammation and I have a new attitude toward food and life. Added bonus…I lost 7 pounds with no exercise. I gained the most important and powerful thing…knowledge! I thank God for Fab 14!”

Karen A. , May '18 Participant

“The Fab 14 really helped retrain my brain in terms of how I think about food, helping me focus on getting the most “bang for my buck” – nutritionally speaking – with aiming to get all 5 buckets every meal. I haven’t eaten this healthy in years!”

Jaime M. , March '18 Participant

“(The Fab 14) is a great way to reset your body and get rid of unhealthy eating habits. Even if you are a nutritionally balanced eater, chances are, you are eating some things here and there that are derailing you from meeting your goals. This will help you identify those items and find substitutes to fill the gaps, making you feel amazing.”

Jen B. , Feb '18 Participant

“I was a little nervous to participate in this, because I love to cook especially with butter. I was not sure if I could go 2 weeks sugar-free and dairy-free. By the end, however, cooking this way started becoming second nature.”

Nikki W. , Feb. '18 Participant

“I have tried many “diet” programs before and they are so strict on eating every two hours and only eating 2 oz of this and 3 oz of this … way too difficult to follow and I fell off course 99.9% of the times. The Fab 14 gave me flexibility around when I needed to eat and how much I needed to eat, as long as I ate within the buckets. The Fab 14 has changed my lifestyle, and honestly changed my life.”

Chris B. , Jan. '18 Participant

“Loved the Fab 14 Boot Camp! Making better choices in my diet, increased my energy level and improved my digestion and overall mood. I also lost over 7 pounds which was an added bonus.”

Trina B. , Jan. '18 Participant

“The Fab14 Program provided an easy to follow plan that I could stay with for the 14 days and gave me the incentive I needed to get back to healthy food planning and lose that extra 5 pounds. Thanks, Jaime.”

Kathy L. , Jan. '18 Participant

“I am impressed at how good I feel. I am so motivated to continue in effort to reach my overall goals.”

Elaine B. , Jan. '18 Participant

“Fab14 provided me the motivation to look and eat food differently with a healthy approach. I lost weight and inches. The support and availability of Jaime was excellent. And I did not crave foods or snack which was a huge surprise. Thank you Jamie!”

Debbie W. , Jan. '18 Participant

“Fab 14 is a terrific way to begin a healthy approach to eating. In just two weeks I felt better, my cravings diminished and I started sleeping soundly. Jaime is terrific. He is a great coach and advocate.”

Shelley S. , Dec. '17 Participant

“The format is simple and the results are amazing. You feel much better and you can control if you lose or maintain weight by adjusting the portions.”

Mary T. , Dec. '17 Participant

“For those who are serious about receiving instruction and information with their food choices, this is the vehicle to make this happen.”

Brent P. , Dec. '17 Participant

“Fab 14 is a great way to reset your body if your suffering from sugar addictions, sugar substitutes (diet sodas etc), or have hot a weight loss plateau. After having my first child I had significant weight to lose for the first time in my life. After a year post-partum I had lost 50 of the 75lbs I’d gained while pregnant (I suffered from undiagnosed GD for most of my pregnancy) and had hit a plateau. In just 14 (Fab 14) helped me lose 6lbs, eliminate my sugar cravings, reduce post-meal digestive upset, and crave the healthy foods my body needed. Many reset programs seem overwhelming and unsustainable due to the number of dietary restrictions and or lengthy meal preparation. Fab 14 is different. I say this because I have little cooking skills and was so satisfied on Fab 14 that I’ve continued eating this way… it’s simple and sustainable even for the busy-bee lifestyle. Do it!!! No, but serious, do.”

Elizabeth M. , Dec. '17 Participant

“In fourteen days, if you stay committed to the plan you will find cravings go away, not hungry between meals, more energy and a much better mood will be obtained. The best part is that I realized that clean eating became the way I view eating now.”

Mark B. , Dec. '17 Participant

“This was by far the best thing that I’ve done for myself – and ultimately my family – in many years. It has been a great way to reset my system and to get focused on eating what’s right for my body to obtain optimal energy. The timing was perfect leading into the holiday “eating” season.”

Dot S. , Nov. '17 Participant

“I started this hoping I would actually get more energy but was skeptical. I am really glad I participated in this program, I actually did experience more energy. The 10 am slump was gone. I didn’t feel the urge to snack like I had before. I am a very picky eater and this forced me to expand my variety of vegetables. I now know what I am supposed to do nutritionally for my body, even though it’s just a broad general understanding. 14 days is nothing and goes by rather quickly. I also really appreciate how knowledgeable Jaime is with nutrition. You will be in good hands with him and I look forward to the next phase.”

Becky S. , Nov. '17 Participant

“The Fab 14 Bootcamp exceeded my expectations. It’s easy. It’s sustainable. It works!”

Rita M. , Nov. '17 Participant

“This isn’t a diet program, but rather a tool to get on course to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While the program isn’t necessarily about losing weight, a bonus for me was that I lost 7 pounds! More importantly, I have a renewed focus on healthy eating, which was exactly what I was looking for when I joined the program!”

Eileen L. , Nov. '17 Participant

“The Fab 14 program is truly great. I was not hungry at all. The food prep required planning and commitment, but it was so worth it. And to top it off, I lost 7 pounds. I like Jaime’s motto: Giving my body what it needs, when it needs it!”

Denise D. , Nov. '17 Participant

The Fab 14 Nutrition Boot Camp provides a basic plan and generalized information only. Every individual’s needs are different and should be taken into account when making dietary decisions. The Fab 14 Nutrition Boot Camp is not meant to be a substitute for individualized nutrition counseling,. We make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, reliability, suitability or performance of the Camp. You should take you own personal needs, restrictions and limitations into account before determining if the program is right for you and your body. Individual results may vary. Ages 18+ recommended. Consult your physician for medical conditions.