Yep, there is a lot of confusion out there. And in my 20+ years as a registered/licensed dietitian, I’ve witnessed it all with clients firsthand.

Other than it being effective, simplicity was my #1 goal in designing the FAB 14.

I didn’t want participants to have to count calories or track macronutrients. And I didn’t want confusion over what was or wasn’t a compliant meal.

For 14 days, I wanted participants concentrating solely on giving their bodies what they need, when they need it. Simple.

The result? A 14-day spark – and a simple, sustainable foundation built for long-term success.

  • Graduate of the University of Missouri
  • B.S. in Food Science & Human Nutrition
    (Medical Dietetics emphasis)
  • Additional Credentials: RD, CSSD, LD, CSCS
  • Can’t get enough of Cardinals baseball
  • Three kids who don’t like nutrition quite as much as me (but close!).
  • And yes, occasionally I like to eat pizza too! Haha, my clients are always shocked by that.

As I’ve gotten older, food has helped me redefine my own norms.

Sleeping poorly, as adults, seems nowadays like a societal norm. And a few years ago, when stress was heavy, it happened to me. For a while, it was rough. We’ve all been there. But I refused to accept it as a norm.

First step, self-evaluation. It wasn’t so much what I was eating, but when I was eating. Late work nights meant late night dinners … and late night dinners, for me, meant that my digestive system wasn’t working efficiently while I slept. As a result, my rest suffered.

A simple shift in my meal timing corrected the issue. It was that simple. And it brings up another major premise of the FAB 14 – listening to your body. The ‘norms’ (poor sleep, low energy, digestive issues, mood swings, etc.) that so many of us come to accept are typically warning signals that something is off.

By the way, I’ve loved every minute of being a dietitian. Helping people AND working with food? It doesn’t get any better than that.

But as my career has evolved, the human body and how it responds to food is what has truly amazed me. Our bodies are so powerful at adapting and healing when we (yep, you guessed it) give them what they need, when they need it.

In my experience with most ‘diets’, well, they just don’t do that. Sure, they may help us shed a few pounds short term. But if they are not designed to feed our system as a whole, they set us up for long-term failure.

That’s why the FAB 14 isn’t a diet, but a foundation. But I knew for it to be successful, it had to be simple – and sustainable.

As I stated earlier, I love my job. I love working with people. So, I wasn’t about to create a program that didn’t allow me to connect with participants.

During the FAB 14, I’m a dietitian in your pocket. When you need me, I’m here.

At the grocery store on Day 1 and have questions about a product? Ask me.

At a restaurant on Day 6 and you want my thoughts on a meal option? Ask me.

Questions about a FAB 14 recipe on Day 12? Ask me.

The FAB 14 is not complicated. But the wide world of nutrition can be. It’s why I’m available, and I LOVE it!

Weight loss is not the primary objective of the FAB 14.

But that doesn’t it doesn’t or won’t happen (significantly).

I want participants to first re-connect with the power of food. Gain a sustainable foundation. Listen to your body. Understand the relationship between what you put in your body, and how you feel.

The result of doing so is efficiency. The greater the efficiency inside your body, the less it needs to hold onto extra pounds. And the easier it is to lose weight.

I always smile when I hear that participants have lost weight. They’ve realized efficiency. They’ve realized a re-connection with the power of food!

I know you’re ready for this. Whatever your key motivation is, I know you’re ready to re-define your ‘norms.’

After all, that’s why you’re here, right?

14 days will go by quick. And I’m pretty confident they’ll be easier than you think. After all, I’ve truly worked to make this program as simple as possible ….

Fill your buckets, every meal, every day. 
No calorie counting. No eliminating carbs. No tracking macronutrients.
Listen to your body, eat compliant meals when you are hungry. 
Use the dietitian ‘in your pocket’ (that’s me!) whenever you need to. 

Oh – and a nutrition boot camp has probably never tasted quite this good either. So, there you go. Obstacles removed. If you’re ready to re-connect with the power of food, it’s your move.

Hope you can join us …