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We’ve been taught to believe that FAT makes us fat.
Is there some truth to that? Of course.
But here’s the reality …

Too much of ANYTHING can make us gain body fat. That could mean carbs or protein as well as fat.

For some reason though, it’s fat that seems to get the worst rap.

In reality, gaining body fat is a product of hormonal control. Most notably controlling insulin. And insulin is stimulated primarily by carbohydrate intake (any type of carbs, good or bad), and to a lesser degree, protein.

Think about insulin as our storage hormone. Whether taking protein into muscle or glucose into muscle, liver, or adipose tissue (fat cells), insulin is the driving force behind this. Insulin is absolutely necessary for cells to get the nutrients, energy, and amino acids for proper recovery. But anything more than this may result in fat storage. And when insulin is stimulated, it signals the body to shut down all of our fat-burning hormones of growth hormone, adrenaline, and noradrenaline. Almost like a light switch is being turned off.

I know, I know, kinda complicated. But here’s the bottom line …

Dietary fat, in and of itself, does not make you fat. No more than any other nutrient. What can make us gain body fat is stimulating insulin more than the body needs by:

– eating too often.
– eating the wrong proportions of carbs, fat, and protein.
– eating more than the body needs at each individual meal.

(By the way, learning how to avoid the above mistakes is a core foundation of the FAB 14.)

Allowing the body to keep the fat-burning hormones on and insulin off for longer durations is the key to losing body fat and maintaining muscle.

Eat With A Purpose – And Be Well!

Jaime Rothermich