The FAB 14 Nutrition Re-Boot

The FAB 14 Nutrition Re-Boot is a 14-day nutrition ‘boot camp’  designed to remind you of how powerful your body can be when you give it WHAT it needs, WHEN it needs it.

14 days. That’s all I ask. Short enough to be manageable, but long enough to spark impactful results and a sustainable foundation.


How Should I Feel After 14 Days?

The FAB 14 has been designed to help participants reconnect with the power of food.

Increased energy. Balanced mood. Improved digestion. Better sleep. FAB 14 participants want to feel and function better.

But what about those pesky pounds? Weight loss is not the priority of the FAB 14. But it happens – a lot.

When our bodies function better, they are able to shed weight more efficiently. So if losing weight is a goal of yours, improving efficiency can be a highly effective place to start.


It's Simple

NO counting calories or macros in the FAB 14.  NO eliminating carbs either. Just fill your buckets – simple!

It's Sustainable

When it is hunger vs. willpower, hunger will always win. The Fab 14 removes hunger from the equation.

It's Life Changing

If you let it, your body can be an amazing machine.  The Fab 14 gives you the tools.


Diets set you up for failure. That's why the FAB 14 isn't one.


"Your body is capable of amazing things. And 14 days is all you need to prove it."

Jaime Rothermich, RD, LD
Creator, FAB 14 Nutrition Re-Boot

What is Expected of YOU:

  • Comprehensive, 5-module (33 sections) video program
  • Step-by-step instruction through my  proven FAB 14 Nutrition Re-Boot program
  • Day-by-day video guidance, education and motivation from me, Jaime Rothermich, RD, LD
  • Over 30 tasty FAB 14 recipes
  • Key downloads of my personal TOP 3 go-to brands/foods within several categories
  • And tons of BONUS insights and education along the way

Your FAB 14 Journey:

  1. Purchase the FAB 14
  2. Complete 'MODULE I' (mental prep)
  3. Complete 'MODULE II' (program prep)
  4. Complete 'MODULE III' (food prep)
  5. Schedule your 14 days of 'giving your body what it needs, when it needs it - and go! (MODULE IV)
  6. Complete 'MODULE V' (re-assess how you feel, set a plan to personalize your foundation)

We All Need a Little Reconnection With the POWER of Food


Low energy. Poor digestion. Choppy sleep. Feeling run down. Skin issues. Random aches and pains. So many of us accept these as the 'norms' of getting older. 

It's time to redefine your 'norms'. And food can be a catalyst - if you let it. The FAB 14 is your path to help get there. 


OK, So What Will I Be Eating?

Plenty. When it’s hunger vs. will power, hunger will almost always win. So, the FAB 14 removes hunger from the equation. 5-bucket, comprehensive meals focus on satiety and satisfaction. Oh – and we’re not counting calories, macros or carbs either. It’s all about simplicity and sustainability – and it works!


Burger & Fries Breakfast Bake | Skinny Bell Pepper Nacho Boats | Sweet Potato Avocado Tacos | Smashed Potato Burger | Black Bean Buddha Bowl | Sweet Potato Chili | Meatballs | Chicken Fajitas | Lemon Garlic Baked Salmon | Blueberry Quinoa Breakfast Bars

"The Fab 14 really helped retrain my brain in terms of how I think about food, helping me focus on getting the most “bang for my buck” – nutritionally speaking – with aiming to get all 5 buckets every meal. I haven’t eaten this healthy in years!"

Jaime M.
2018 FAB 14 Participant


- Jaime Rothermich, RD, LD


The next step? Well, it's all yours.

FAB 14 Frequently Asked Questions

I hear ya. You don’t want to have to nibble on lettuce for 14 days. This Boot Camp isn’t about eating less. And it’s not one of those fad diets aimed at cutting out carbs, or fat, or whatever. It’s about giving your body what it needs, when it needs it. I’ve personally selected foods that I feel will affect your energy, mood and health, positively. But the choices are really up to you. All I do is tell you the buckets & options within each bucket ... building each meal is up to you!

We could just call them ‘categories’, but buckets seemed so much simpler. The Fab 14 is all about five buckets - PROTEIN, FAT, VEGETABLE, CARBOHYDRATE AND FRUIT. 

Within the program guide will be compliant options. Your job? Fill every bucket with one option, every meal, every day of the Fab 14. Make the choices that fit you best. 

Yes. Aside from individual options within each bucket that participants can choose from, several comprehensive 5-bucket recipes will be provided. Most will be provided up front, prior to Day 1, and additional options will be provided as the FAB 14 progresses.

And just to give you a sampling, recipes range from ‘Burger & Fries Breakfast Bake’ and ‘Sweet Potato Chili’ to ‘Chicken Fajitas’ and ‘Skinny Bell Pepper Nacho Boats.’ Lots of tasty options!

The simple answer, YES!

Your body is an amazing machine. It can do such powerful things, in relatively small amounts of time.

Typically all it asks of you is to give it what it needs, when it needs is.

And in the FAB 14, that’s exactly what we will do for 14 days.

That being said, the FAB 14 is meant to provide you with a foundation. YOUR foundation that you tweak as your own moving forward for long-term results and sustainability. 


This is simple…NO SNACKS, JUST MEALS! When you follow the FAB 14 program your body is infused with a ton of nutrients each meal, thus providing more satisfaction from each meal. And, having 5-BUCKET meals, and subsequent nutrient intake, allow a longer time period between meals for better digestion. In addition, compliant 5-bucket meals are meant to satisfy the body and reduce or eliminate cravings altogether. 


Because it’s manageable. It’s not scary. And it’s enough time (which may surprise you) to adapt and make impactful changes.

When 14 days is up, you’ll have a FOUNDATION to make your own – and a spark to turn short-term connection into long-term results.


The Fab 14 is a sustainable foundation that participants can (and do!) very much carry forward long term, well past 14 days.

But we also know that very few want to remain caged within a regimented nutrition protocol for the rest of their lives. While the FAB 14 and its buckets remain a nutritional compass, we encourage those who complete the program to try small adjustments and truly find what does and doesn’t work for their bodies.

As we get older and our lives change, nutrition is a constant evolution – but one that the FAB 14 gives you the tools to prepare for.

With your purchase, you will also have access to the FAB 14 program for one year. Many participants choose to use it 2-4 times per year as a re-boot and to keep on track. 

That will be up to you. Each of us have different needs, goals, and levels of satisfaction when eating. So, this isn’t a straight forward answer. Past participant have typically varied from 2-4 meals per day, based upon listening to their bodies.

It certainly can be. The FAB 14 provides the system and foundation. You are in charge of the specific food choices that fill your BUCKETS. 

About Me, Jaime Rothermich, RD, LD

  • I'm a graduate of the University of Missouri with a B.S. in Food Science & Human Nutrition
    (Medical Dietetics emphasis).
  • My additional credentials include RD, CSSD, LD, CSCS.
  • I can’t get enough of Cardinals baseball!!
  • I have three kids who don’t like nutrition quite as much as me (but they're getting there).
  • And yes, I'm human ... occasionally I like to eat pizza or a burger! Haha, my clients are always shocked by that.


As I’ve gotten older, food has helped me redefine my own norms.

Sleeping poorly, as adults, seems nowadays like a societal norm. And a few years ago, when stress was heavy, it happened to me. For a while, it was rough. We’ve all been there. But I refused to accept it as a norm.

First step, self-evaluation. It wasn’t so much what I was eating, but when I was eating. Late work nights meant late night dinners … and late night dinners, for me, meant that my digestive system wasn’t working efficiently while I slept. As a result, my rest suffered.

A simple shift in my meal timing corrected the issue. It was that simple. And it brings up another major premise of the FAB 14 – listening to your body. The ‘norms’ (poor sleep, low energy, digestive issues, mood swings, etc.) that so many of us come to accept are typically warning signals that something is off.

By the way, I’ve loved every minute of being a dietitian. Helping people AND working with food? It doesn’t get any better than that.

But as my career has evolved, the human body and how it responds to food is what has truly amazed me. Our bodies are so powerful at adapting and healing when we (yep, you guessed it) give them what they need, when they need it.

In my experience with most ‘diets’, well, they just don’t do that. Sure, they may help us shed a few pounds short term. But if they are not designed to feed our system as a whole, they set us up for long-term failure.

That’s why the FAB 14 isn’t a diet, but a foundation. But I knew for it to be successful, it had to be simple – and sustainable.

It works. I've seen it work. And I've seen it work so well that it has even surprised me (and I designed it). 

The countless testimonials and feedback I've gotten from participants, well, it simply makes me smile. It is such a tribute to our bodies, and how truly powerful they are when we simply give them what they need, when they need it. 


Weight loss is not the primary objective of the FAB 14.

But that doesn’t it doesn’t or won’t happen (significantly).

I want participants to first re-connect with the power of food. Gain a sustainable foundation. Listen to your body. Understand the relationship between what you put in your body, and how you feel.

The result of doing so is efficiency. The greater the efficiency inside your body, the less it needs to hold onto extra pounds. And the easier it is to lose weight.

I always smile when I hear that participants have lost weight. They’ve realized efficiency. They’ve realized a re-connection with the power of food!

I know you’re ready for this. Whatever your key motivation is, I know you’re ready to re-define your ‘norms.’

After all, that’s why you’re here, right?

14 days will go by quick. And I’m pretty confident they’ll be easier than you think. After all, I’ve truly worked to make this program as simple as possible ….

Fill your buckets, every meal, every day. 
No calorie counting. No eliminating carbs. No tracking macronutrients.
Listen to your body, eat compliant meals when you are hungry. 
Use the dietitian ‘in your pocket’ (that’s me!) whenever you need to. 

Oh – and a nutrition boot camp has probably never tasted quite this good either. So, there you go. Obstacles removed. If you’re ready to re-connect with the power of food, it’s your move.

Hope you can join me!

Please Note:

The Fab 14 Nutrition Re-Boot provides a basic plan and generalized information only. Every individual’s needs are different and should be taken into account when making dietary decisions. The Fab 14 Nutrition Re-Boot is not meant to be a substitute for individualized nutrition counseling,. We make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, reliability, suitability or performance of the Camp. You should take your own personal needs, restrictions and limitations into account before determining if the program is right for you and your body. Individual results may vary. Ages 18+ recommended. Consult your physician for medical conditions. 



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